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Old 12-28-2011, 03:26 AM
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Your fairy modmother.

I love Satan. His picture is on all of my favorite CDs.
yeah well i talked to burzum the other day and he said you were gay
when i was a kid, i used to stick all sorts of things up my pooper.. coke bottle lids, balled up tissue paper, you name it.. i couldn't get enough.. anyway i was about 7 at the time, when my mum brought home a new vacuum cleaner.. I saw the hose on this thing.. mind you my asshole was pretty well trained by this time.. so i've seen the hose and thought, i fuckin gotta try this aye.. I get home from school one day and my mum's still at work, "you beauty" i think, I get some butter from the fridge and start lubing up this hose, all the while barely able to contain myself aye.. I get it nice and slippery and start working it inside myself, slowly but surely, slowly but surely.. all of a sudden my ass just gobbles it up.. it's like better than anything you could imagine, i start working it deeper and deeper.. before you know it i'm just fuckin railing myself with this vacuum hose, having the time of my 7 year old life when all of a sudden i hear the most horrifying, blood curdling shreik you've ever heard... I look up to see my mum's just got in the door.. but that shreik my mum let out that day, that fucking shreik was my first taste of heavy metal and let me tell you.. i fucking liked it..

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